Network Box 5.3

In 2013, Network Box 5 was launched, offering next generation security solutions to customers right across the globe. The platform has gone on to win multiple international industry awards including three Gold Awards and the Grand Award at the Silicon Valley Communication's Info Security Global Excellence Awards 2015.

Since the launch of the platform, many new features and enhancements have been added, and we are now proud to announce the launch Network Box 5.3, the next level in cyber security.

Key features and updates include:

  • Next Generation Firewall with in-built Anti-DDoS as standard which automatically bridges between IPv4 to IPv6 protocols
  • Visual VPN
  • Ruggedized VPN
  • Enhanced authentication and encryption, meeting the latest German standards
  • IDP system can now optionally include WAF
  • Infected LAN
  • Kiosk Mode
  • Comprehensive support for SSL across all core protocols
  • Event Correlation
  • Z-Scan+
  • Cloud email backup
  • Cloud DNS backup
  • Enhanced multi-protocol handling
  • HTML-5 Dashboard refresh
  • KPI Reporting
  • iOS / Android App
  • New hardware for SOHO
For more details please refer to the materials below: